1 Polymer Fundamentals and Properties

Chairs: Prof Cyrille Boyer & Prof Per Zetterlund, University of New South Wales  

a Polymer Characterization
b Polymer Physics
c Self-Assembly and Colloidal Systems
d Supramolecular Polymers
e Responsive/Adaptive Polymers
f Composite Materials
g Polyelectrolytes,Gels,Networks
h Nanostructured and self-assembled materials
i Theory and Computational Modeling
j Additive Manufacturing
k New Polymerization Technologies
2  Polymers for the Environment

Chairs: Prof Leonie Barner, Queensland University of Technology & Prof Kei Saito, Kyoto University

a Renewable and Sustainable Polymers (including Biopolymers)
b Circular Economy for Polymers, Waste Management & Minimization
c Polymers for Membranes, Ion Exchange, Geotextiles, and Building and Construction
d Characterization and Environmental Remediation
3 Polymers for Health

Chairs: Assoc Prof Georgina Such, University of Melbourne

a Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Bio-conjugates
b Regenerative Medicine
c Polymeric Nanomedicine/Drug Delivery
d Polymers in Bioelectronics
e Biofabrication
4 Polymers for Energy

Chairs: Assoc. Prof Wallace Wong, University of Melbourne  

a Optoelectronic Polymers
b Polymers in Energy Conversion and Storage
c Wearable Electronics / Smart Textiles

Symposium Theme organisers

Session Chairs
New Polymerization Technologies Cyrille Boyer and Per Zetterlund
Polymer Characterization Marion Gaborieau / Amin Khodabandeh
Polymer Physics Daniel Savin
Self-Assembly and Colloidal Systems Stuart Thickett / Hideto Minami
Supramolecular Polymers Pall Thordarson
Responsive / Adaptive Polymers Kristian Kempe
Composite Materials Jun Ma / Chun Wang / Adrian Mouritz
Polyelectrolytes / Gels / Networks Luke Connal / Bert Meijer
Nano-structured and Self-Assembled Materials Markus Muellner / Chin Ken Wong
Theory and Computational Modeling Tanja Junkers / Simon Harrisson
Additive Manufacturing Christopher Barner Kowollik / Eva Blasco