1Polymer Fundamentals and Properties
aNew Polymerization Technologies
bPolymer Characterisation
cPolymer Physics
dPolymeric Nanoscience
eSelf-Assembly and Colloidal Systems
fSupramolecular Polymers
gResponsive/Adaptive Polymers
hComposite Materials
iPolyelectrolytes, Gels, Networks
jTheory and Computational Modelling
2  Polymers for the Environment
aRenewable and Sustainable Polymers
bLife Cycle, Recycling, Waste Management & Minimization
cMembranes, Ion Exchange
dEnvironmental Remediation
3Polymers for Health
aBioinspired, Biomimetic and Bio-conjugates
bRegenerative Medicine
cPolymeric Nanomedicine/Drug Delivery
dPolymers in Bioelectronics
4Polymers for Energy
aOptoelectronic Polymers
bPolymers in Energy Conversion and Storage
cWearable Electronics / Smart Textiles