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For more than a century, The University of Queensland (UQ) has delivered knowledge leadership for a better world.

The most prestigious and widely recognised rankings of world universities consistently place UQ among the world’s top universities.

UQ has also won more national teaching awards than any other Australian university. This commitment to quality teaching empowers our 56,000 current students, who study across UQ’s three campuses, to create positive change for society.

Our research has global impact, delivered by an interdisciplinary research community of more than 1,500 researchers at our 6 faculties, 8 research institutes and more than 100 research centres.

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The QUT Centre for Materials Science (CMS) is a cross-disciplinary network of researchers with a shared passion for materials innovation. At the CMS, our expertise in soft and condensed matter, materials characterization and modelling make us well-positioned to face the modern challenges of most industries. Driven by curiosity, we address highly fundamental questions and partner up to translate breakthroughs in materials science into commercial solutions. We value (inter)national collaborations with both the public and private sectors.

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Dulux Australia develops and manufactures a range of paints and coatings for the Australia and New Zealand markets, which are sold into home DIY and trade markets under various brand names including Dulux, British Paints and Cabot’s. We are headquartered in Clayton, Melbourne, where our Innovation Centre is also located.

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At the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science, we are excited about the possibilities of transforming light into energy and energy into light. We are a collaboration of academia and industry focused on innovative research to improve solar energy technology, lighting and security systems.

Exciton Science comprises researchers based at the University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT, UNSW and the University of Sydney.

Our industry partners – Reserve Bank of Australia, CSIRO and Defence Science & Technology Group – help to transform our research into practice.

We seek to understand the processes that govern light harvesting, energy transfer and conversion in molecular materials. Our research will enable Australia to be a significant player in next-generation energy technologies.

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Champions of innovation, FB Rice is a top-tier leading Australian intellectual property firm. We work with local and international clients seeking IP protection and strategy within Australia and across the globe.

We are a leading national firm but stay true to our beginnings. FB Rice originated in Pitt Street, Sydney, where Frederick Bernhard Rice set up as a sole patent attorney in 1949. Mr Rice was known for his close relationships with scientists and inventors, a legacy that still exists today. We are committed to supporting the Australian IP ecosystem and believe in the integral role IP plays in an economy.

Our clients include companies, research organisations, universities, startups, government bodies, law firms and overseas IP firms.

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ACS Publications’ Materials Science journals publish cutting-edge, original research. ACS Macro Letters, Biomacromolecules and Macromolecules make up ACS Publications’ core portfolio of polymer and macromolecular journals. Bioconjugate Chemistry invites contributions on all research at the interface between synthetic and biological materials.

A division of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, ACS Publications supports the global scientific community through more than 75 peer-reviewed scientific journals, eBooks, and weekly magazine Chemical & Engineering News.

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The MACROARC team is located in the purpose built soft matter materials laboratory on QUT’s Gardens Point campus. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art synthetic facilities, cutting edge photochemical equipment and a materials characterisation suite for both small and large molecules and materials. MACROARC has been home to over 130 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, 65 honours and diploma students and has collaborated with more than 198 institutions from 30 countries across the world. In addition to collaborations with academic partners, the team has many strong links with industrial partners with over 20 successful partnerships.

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Polymer Chemistry is one of 49 journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is an internationally renowned publisher of high-quality chemical science knowledge. Our expanding portfolio of journals, books and databases feature research by an acclaimed and international set of authors.

Around the world, we invest in educating future generations of scientists. We raise and maintain standards. We partner with industry and academia, promoting collaboration and innovation. We advise governments on policy. We are committed to promoting, supporting and celebrating diversity – championing all of the talented groups and individuals who are securing chemistry’s future.

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The study of chemical science greatly enriches society and also provides many exciting employment opportunities for graduates who have a sound understanding of the chemical sciences and the practical skills to use this knowledge.

The School of Chemical Sciences teaches and performs research in chemistry, medicinal chemistry, green chemical science, food science and nutrition, forensic science, and wine science, which makes for a remarkably stimulating intellectual environment.

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Springer is a leading global scientific, technical and medical portfolio, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content through innovative information, products and services.