The research group of Prof Zetterlund at UNSW focuses on the design and synthesis of polymer and polymeric nano-objects for applications in a range of advanced and emerging technologies such as materials chemistry, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, as well as in more traditional fields such as paints and coating applications. One of the key concepts is structure control on the molecular and/or nano level – my team strives to develop and understand methods for synthesis of polymers (macromolecules) of well-defined molecular structure (e.g. distribution of monomer units along the polymer backbone), as well as developing methods for synthesis of polymeric nano-objects of specific size and shape/morphology (e.g. hollow polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery applications). Significant research is aimed at synthesis of graphene/polymer nanocomposite materials. Over the past few years, our research has expanded significantly into applied science such as pressure sensitive adhesives and energy applications. The foundations remain in fundamental science, but with significant links with applied science via collaborations with industry as well as academic collaborators.

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